Welcome to our world of design

‘Criativo – The Design Lounge’ is a design studio with a co-working team of talented designers and artists. At Criativo, our architectural and interior designs aim at providing solutions that incorporate user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness and optimal utilisation of space in a single design.

Be it a small-scale project or a larger one, our studio has a simple and minimalistic approach towards design, which renders a high level of comfort and a sense of personal connect to the end user.

Our studio has always been very keen on product designing having designed some products as well as furniture items for some of our clients. Recently, we have been producing a variety of Home-Decor, Goan-Heritage and other Creative Art products for our customers, to add to one’s collection, decor or for utility.

We try our best to manufacture and produce these through local artisans and craftsman, especially all our ‘Goan-Heritage’ products.

We are also creating varied designs in art and sculpture by our association with artist Raj Halankar (JJ school of applied arts, Mumbai)

Conclusively, we are team-handling Architecture, Interior, Home-Decor and Creative Art.

Meet Our Team

Arch. Roopa Kunkolienkar

Architect | Interior Designer
Designing & Creating Lifestyle Accessories & Home Decor | Reviving Goan Heritage

Hi, I’m architect Roopa Kunkolienker, proprietor & director at the Criativo Design Lounge. In the initial years, having worked as a Chief Architect at RDA (Architectural Design Firm) for 4 years, I’ve gained experience designing a variety of projects including residential buildings, industrial units, office premises etc. I have also participated in national-level architectural competitions while under this firm.

Having gained knowledge of AutoCAD 2D/3D at an early stage, I had designed my maiden project(my parents’ villa) using CAD while I was a student of Architecture. While practising as a senior architect at the above mentioned firm, I was also teaching AutoCad 2D/3D to students of Architecture and Engineering at the EDC, CAD Centre Goa. I worked for Reliance Industries, as a CAD designer on their Jamnagar Oil Refinery Project.

Later, I kept in touch with my profession by taking up a few architectural as well as interior designing projects, together with my associate and dearest friend architect Usha Keny, under the name ’Innovations’.

Criativo, the Design Lounge, was conceptualised a few years ago. It was aimed at getting people from different creative fields under a single banner and co-working in association with one another. Criativo has successfully completed some architectural and interior projects since then.

Besides architectural & interior designing I have designed a range of home-decor products, many of them aimed at reviving Goan Heritage under the name Goa Decor, a Store by Criativo.

Arch. Usha Keny

Associate Architect | Interior Designer

Hi, I’m Architect Usha Keny, Associate Architect at Criativo. In my initial days I worked together with Arch. Roopa at a firm ‘RDA’ where I gained quality experience in designing a variety of buildings including land development, contour mapping and landscaping. Later, as an associate architect for ‘Innovations’ I successfully completed some architectural and interior designing projects. Currently I am associated with Criativo for Architectural and Interior designing and have always been supportive of the studio since its inception.
Besides supporting Criativo, she is a co-owner and managing partner at Old Heritage, a wedding venue (open air & A/C hall). She also runs a cafe, her pet project.

Raj Halankar

Associate Artist

I’m Raj Halankar, Associate Artist at Criativo. I have mastered illustration, typography, photography and display, the principal subjects in my academic career. A graduate from Sir. J.J. School of Applied Art, Mumbai. 

Currently, I am the head of the Department at GoArt Studio. Having over 3 decades of experience in this field I moved from Mumbai to my homeland Goa, to spread the knowledge of art. While in Mumbai I successfully completed assignments with international companies as chief- designer and consultant in art for Toyo, Japan & Jotun, Norway. I have shared my expertise with many renowned hotels, auditoriums, architects, builders and commercial products along with artistic art-display and sculptures for the Government of Karnataka.

I believe art is a doorway between the mind and the heart coming through the universe with the help of your hand. I am proud to impart my little knowledge and experience with the gesture to enhance the art, for the art lovers of Goa, through Criativo – a multi-functional design hub. Let’s do wonders!











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