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Goa Decor 

Arch Roopa N K (Founder and Creator)

Passion ~ Designing and creating varied Lifestyle accessories and Reviving Goan Heritage for the love of Goa. 

An architect and interior designer by profession, I always had a dream of reviving Goan heritage to keep us connected to our rich history. 

These revived and modified ancient pieces of modern day utility will constantly keep us in touch with Goa’s illustrious past.

I have always been very keen on designing & creating varied lifestyle accessories and reviving Goan heritage to bring forth quality souvenirs. Thus,The Goa Decor Store was conceptualised.

Being an architect and an interior designer was an added advantage.

The Goa Decor Store is the beginning of this journey, born out of my pure passion for design and my endeavour to revive Goan heritage.  

At The Goa Decor Store, we craft a variety of heritage products, lifestyle accessories and other home decor items with utmost love, care and passion.

A variety of souvenirs are specially designed, many of which are handcrafted for those who wish to carry some iconic elements of Goan heritage as a memory.

Through our creations and products, we support local Goan craftsmen, artisans, wood workers, weavers, young budding artists and technicians.

We promote local Goan art like handcrafting wood, rotesão, chitari art, cane weaving, et cetera to keep Goa’s culture and traditions alive.

Very often, we incorporate these ancient techniques and arts into our contemporary designs!

We use wood like Goan Teak, Shivan, Neem, Jackfruit, Sal, Acacia, Mango etc, to create all our products.

The story and inspiration behind the creation of every product is mentioned along with each item. Handling and care instructions of our vintage Goan tableware collection, ‘Sadafuli’, is also specified.

Most of our heritage products are eco-friendly, sustainable and either handcrafted or handwoven. 

While for Goans natives and those familiar with Goa, there will be a strong nostalgia associated with these products; for others, it will be an introduction to Goan Heritage. 

The products are designed in such a way that it would suit any kind of house by way of wall mounts, artefacts, tableware, paintings and furniture for modern day utility.

 It has given me a sense of fulfilment not only for having followed my dream but also for supporting our local artisans, craftsmen, artists, woodcrafters, technicians etc as most of our products are handcrafted or handwoven. 

In addition to reviving Goan Heritage, I design and create a number of other home decor and lifestyle accessories. Some of these products have evolved from our interior designs for our clients, while others items like wall decor, different types of metal work et cetera have been specially designed for the store.

For a collection of paintings with different themes (mostly Goan), I have collaborated with a renowned artist of Goan origin, an ex professor at JJ School of Applied Arts in Mumbai, Mr Raj Halankar. 

At Criativo – The Design Lounge, where I practise architectural and interior design (turn key projects) with my dear friend Arch Usha Keny, we are proud to have designed a number of projects related to reviving Goan Heritage and traditional design, in addition to designing other contemporary buildings.

Visit our online store at: OR Visit our studio in person to view and book your products at the given location from 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm.

We are delivering only selected products without any courier charges all across India (subject to availability of courier service).

Besides being open throughout, we organise fortnightly events to launch our new products and a limited number of guests are invited per event keeping COVID-19 protocol in mind.

For further insight on the story behind our creations, visit our blog at:

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